On 28 February, 2019, in the capital’s hotel “Yildyz”, a three-day training seminar on the topic “Systems Thinking and Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into National Planning”, which was organized by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and UNDP in support of the preparation of the Voluntary National Report (VNR) of Turkmenistan, has completed its work.

The seminar was attended by heads of International Organizations working in Turkmenistan, as well as representatives of ministries, departments and public organizations of Turkmenistan.

The work of the training seminar was consisted of four sessions, during which were made presentations on the use of innovate methodologies in developing sustainable strategies for analyzing and processing information on achieving the SDG. The main topics of the seminar are: familiarity with the interrelated nature of the SDG, systems thinking, difficulties and interrelations in understanding, the use of systems thinking in developing sustainable strategies, the integration of the SDG into national policies and implementation.

During the ceremony of completing the training seminar, the participants of the event summarized the discussed topics, changed their minds about the efficiency of group works and practical sessions, and also assessed the successfully completed seminar conducted by the ESCAP and UNDP.